How to Wear a Concealed Carry Holster?

how to wear concealed carry holster

If you’re new to the world of concealed carry, you probably have tons of questions. Even if you have your sidearm picked out and you feel comfortable shooting it, you may still be wondering how to wear a concealed carry holster. There are also other things to consider, like how to carry your weapon discreetly … Read more

What Type of Holster is Best For Concealed Carry?

Type of holsters for concealed carry

With literally hundreds of options on the market, choosing a concealed carry holster can be a confusing task. There are also tons of holster reviews floating around on the internet. However, instead of being helpful, those reviews often make the decision process even more difficult.  Unfortunately, what works perfectly for one concealed carrier could be … Read more

Best 40 Ammo – Top 10 Best .40 S&W Ammo Reviews

best 40 s&w ammo

First introduced in 1990, the .40 Smith & Wesson has become a popular round for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting. Because the cartridge is suitable for a variety of applications, finding the best .40 S&W ammo to meet your needs can seem like an overwhelming task.  Whether you’re new to shooting .40 S&W or you … Read more

Best 357 Ammo – Top 10 Best 357 Magnum Ammo Reviews

best 357 ammo

With its competent terminal performance, manageable recoil, and easy accessibility, it is no surprise that the .357 Magnum remains a popular cartridge. Incredibly accurate and highly versatile, .357 Magnum is used for personal protection, high stakes competition, serious big game hunting, and even casual recreational plinking. Because the .357 Magnum is perfect for so many … Read more

Handgun Calibers – The Definitive Guide

handgun caliber guide

If you’re a new shooter, deciding what caliber to use can be a difficult affair. However, there’s more to ammunition than caliber. In this article, we’re going to explain exactly what caliber is and take a look at some of the most popular handgun cartridges on the market today. We will also explain some pros … Read more

Best 380 Ammo – Top 10 Best Rated .380 Ammo Reviews

best 380 ammo

If you use a .380 Auto for self-defense, load selection is critical. Since accuracy is key for successful threat elimination, the rounds you choose to hone your skills are also incredibly important. While it’s impossible to crown one specific load as king, we’re going to cover what you should look for when you’re deciding on … Read more

Best 45 ACP Ammo – Top 10 Best Rated .45 ACP Ammo Reviews

best 45 acp ammo

The legendary .45 ACP cartridge was designed by John Moses Browning more than 100 years ago. However, this cartridge is still a favorite for modern law enforcement and civilian shooters alike.  Ammunition has come a long way in the past 100 years, and today’s shooters have literally hundreds of options to choose from. Variety is definitely the spice of … Read more

Best 10mm Ammo – Top 10 Best Rated 10mm Ammo Reviews

best 10mm ammo

10mm ammo is often outshone by more popular handgun cartridges like 9mm and .45 ACP. However, if you want to shoot a real powerhouse with enough oomph to stop a charging grizzly, 10mm is the answer. Honestly, there’s a lot to love about 10mm Auto. This great, all-around cartridge is a great option for self-defense, big game hunting, … Read more

Best 9mm Ammo – Top 11 Best Rated 9mm Ammo Review

best 9mm ammo

Many shooters consider 9mm Luger to be the best pistol round for self-defense. It certainly has a large following in both the civilian and law enforcement worlds. However, finding the best 9mm ammo can be a confusing and problematic undertaking.  As one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) handgun cartridges in creation, there are … Read more

Best Range Bag – Top 10 Best Rated Range Bags Reviews

best range bag

Although a range bag won’t improve your shooting, it will improve the quality of your range days. Whether you’re a casual shooter or a serious IPSC and IDPA competition shooter, the best range bag will help you transport everything you need and keep it well organized in the process.  If you aren’t sure what to … Read more