About Us

If you’re a competitive shooter, law enforcement officer, or you conceal carry for personal protection, you already understand firearm culture. Liberty Ammunition is here to offer sound information and honest, unbiased gear reviews for the modern gun owner, whether you prefer handguns, rifles or shotguns.

Our Mission

We thoroughly support the Second Amendment. We also believe knowledge is the cornerstone of responsible firearms ownership. Our goal is to educate gun owners (and potential gun owners) on the safe handling of firearms while providing information on all the latest guns and gear on the market. 

What Makes Us Different

If you already know your way around firearms, you already know there is a ton of shooting misinformation floating around, especially on the internet. Many shooting websites care less about providing quality information and solid advice than they do about selling you a product. Those sites often pump out a steady stream of poorly researched (and sometimes badly written) articles. Their main goal is making money, not providing useful content. Some of those sites have writers who’ve obviously never fired a firearm in their lives. 

At Liberty Ammunition, we understand that those types of sites aren’t just frustrating, they are downright dangerous. That’s why we’ve compiled a team of qualified shooting experts with real-world experience. Our writers aren’t just good with words, they also know their stuff. 

What makes us different from most of those other websites? We actually know what we’re talking about. We offer practical advice and impartial reviews from serious competitive, tactical, and self-defense shooters. We have years of firearms experience under our belts, both professionally and in the civilian world. 

We Take Our Research Seriously

We are committed to keeping our readers up to date on all the latest firearms and gear to hit the market. Most of our research is done on the gun range. Few things excite us more than the opportunity to try out new guns, ammo, optics, and gadgets at the range. However, we promise to always give you an honest assessment of everything we get to test drive, even when we aren’t pleased with the results.

When we aren’t pointing firearms at targets, much of our time is spent scouring internet forums, poring over manufacturer’s websites, and combing YouTube for shooting videos (the good and the not-so-good). 

We get just as excited over new products and innovations as you do. We consider it our duty to share breaking news and industry insights with you.

As passionate shooters, we are ready to take on any subject that relates to firearms and shooting. If you have a burning question or a topic suggestion, don’t hesitate to hit us up in the comments. We also continuously strive to improve our own shooting skills and knowledge, so we always welcome our readers to share their own experiences with guns and gear.