Best Belly Band Holster – Top 10 Best Rated Belly Band Holsters Review

best belly band holster

Finding the best holster for concealed carry that fits your body and doesn’t print through your clothing can be a difficult task. Many CCW permit holders opt for a traditional hip holster. However, in some situations, a belly band can offer easier, more comfortable concealment.

Not sure what to look for? We’re here to help with this list of what we consider the best belly band holsters on the market today.

What is a Belly Band Holster?

As the name implies, a belly band holster is a stretchy band that you wear around your midsection to hold your firearm. Usually made of elastic or some other flexible material (like neoprene), these holsters are designed to fit snugly against the body. Belly band holsters are designed for concealed carry. These holsters make it super easy to conceal a firearm under your regular clothing. 

Advantages of a Belly Band Holster

There are plenty of reasons to choose a belly band for concealed carry. Here are just a few.


Because belly band holsters are made from stretchy materials, most models can hold firearms of all shapes and sizes. They also allow you to easily carry in a variety of positions, so you can customize your carry options for different situations. 


Because belly bands have a slim profile, they are more comfortable to wear against your skin and under clothing than most other holster types. Many belly bands are also made from breathable materials, making them well-suited for use in hot weather or while you are exercising.  


A belly band holster keeps your firearm close to your body and in a position that is easy to draw should you ever need to use it for protection. 


Belly band holsters keep your firearm tight against your body. They are also made of stretchy material that forms to the contours of your body. This makes it easy to conceal both your weapon and your holster under your everyday clothing.

The Best Way to Wear a Belly Band Holster

To wear a belly band holster, you simply wrap the stretchy material around your midsection (usually right under your chest). Depending on the model, it may fasten with velcro, snaps, hook and eye fasteners, or some other fastening mechanism. 

If that seems like an oversimplification, that’s because it is. Here are a few other things to consider to ensure your holster fits and works properly. 


Most shooters wear a belly band holster directly around their waist, sitting just above the hips. However, the elastic nature of a belly band allows you to adjust the position to suit your personal preferences. Some shooters (especially women) choose to wear their holsters lower, so the weapon sits on their hips. You can also wear a belly band holster in a higher position around the chest, allowing you to carry it like a shoulder rig.

You also need to consider how you like to position your weapon for easy access. Most belly bands allow you to wear your sidearm at the 2 o’clock or 4 o’clock position, on or behind the hips, outside-the-waistband, in line with your belly button, or in an open carry position. 

Making Adjustments

As we said, belly band holsters are designed to fit tight against the body. You can adjust the fit using the velcro or other fastening system. It should be tight, but not constricting. You should be able to breathe and move freely while wearing your holster.


While belly bands make concealing a weapon easier than most other types of holster, you may still need to make some outfit adjustments. Wearing tight clothing can cause your weapon and the holster to print so others can tell it is there. To avoid this, it is best to wear loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing gauzy fabrics.

Best Belly Band Holster on the Market Review

 1   ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster

 ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster definitely ranks high in the comfort department. Made from breathable neoprene (which is generally far more comfortable than elastic), this holster won’t pinch or pull when worn against your skin. 

Neoprene is a synthetic material most often used to make knee braces. It is durable, flexible, and strong enough to support even heavy full-sized handguns.  

This holster is only 5 inches wide and fits waist sizes up to 44 inches. However, it still manages a comfortable fit for small women. If you’re on the larger side, choose the extra large size. It fits bellies up to 54 inches, making it the best belly band holster for fat guys on the market today.

 2   Concealed Carrier Belly Band Holster

Concealed Carrier Belly Band Holster

This is another one-size-fits-most neoprene holster. (Have we mentioned how much we love neoprene?) It is comfortable, highly adjustable, and won’t degrade with long-term exposure to moisture, even in hot weather and extra sweaty conditions. If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable way to carry your CCW while you’re running, this is the perfect option. It even allows you to conceal carry under your jogging shorts or yoga pants.

The surgical grade elastic holster is flexible and will fit just about any pistol, It easily accommodates pistols ranging from the compact Glock 26 all the way up to a concealed carry 1911. You also get an extra pocket which holds up to two spare magazines. You can also use the pocket to keep your phone, wallet, and keys handy on your morning jog.

 3   AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster

 AlphaHolster Belly Band Hand Gun Holster - Abdomen Holster - Cross Draw - Any Gun

If you’re looking for a budget belly band holster, this is it. This belly band from AlphaHolster comes with an affordable price tag yet still provides plenty of comfort and utility.  

Made of lightweight, breathable elastic, this belly band is completely non-toxic, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. 

Its simple design accommodates both left- and right-handed shooters, and allows you to carry your weapon in almost any position you find comfortable. If you prefer appendix carry, hip carry, or small of the back, this belly band can be adjusted to fit your preferred position. 

 4   KAYLLE Belly Band Holster

 KAYLLE Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry (Upgraded)

One of the best quality belly band holsters available to modern shooters, the KAYLLE belly band has some awesome features. Not only is it super comfortable (Thank you, neoprene), it also features a unique magnetic retention snap that allows you to draw your weapon without making a sound. 

The KAYLLE belly band is also made with a new-tech adhesive velcro hook instead of traditional velcro. This increases comfort and durability and also produces a quieter release. You can also wear this band in multiple positions, so you can change it up depending on how you feel, what you’re wearing, and what situation you’re in. 

 5   Bear Armz Tactical Belly Band Holster

 Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

The best tactical belly band holster we’ve found is this one from Bear Armz Tactical. Unlike most other models, this one features two retention straps for securing both your weapons and spare magazines. This means you can confidently run, climb, or engage in hand-to-hand maneuvers without worrying about your gear falling out. 

The Bear Armz Tactical belly band is made from soft, lightweight, breathable neoprene, so you can wear it comfortably under your clothes and against your skin. You can use this Bear Armz Tactical holster with a wide variety of firearms, including subcompact, compact, and full-size. It even comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. 

 6   BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster

 BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry - Athletic Flex FIT for Running, Jogging, Hiking

The BRAVOBELT belly band is made with a cutting-edge breathable CoolVent perforated neoprene. This soft material lays soft against the body for maximum all-day comfort. It effectively molds to your body, holding your side arm snug, and providing complete freedom of movement. 

The ambidextrous design allows you to carry in any position, including cross body, appendix, 5 o’clock, or small of the back. You can even carry high up on your rib cage, making this a virtual belly band shoulder holster. 

One of the best features of the BRAVOBELT holster is the Easy Snap retention system. Unlike clips or Velcro that can often pop open accidentally, the Easy Snap system keeps your weapon safe, secure, and ready. 

 7   Active Pro Gear Belly Band Holster

 Active Pro Gear Belly Band Holster for Gun Concealed Carry Defender | Elastic Waist Band Wrap Belt for Handgun Concealment

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, Active Pro Gear offers their belly band holsters in four different sizes. This allows you to choose the appropriate size for a better fit and prevents excessive overlapping material, which can be a major problem for shooters with small frames and slender waists (I’m talking about us, ladies). With this holster, ladies can wear whatever they want and still effectively conceal their sidearms. 

Ladies and men alike will appreciate the soft, plush lining that makes the Active Pro Gear belly band super comfortable, even when you’re wearing it directly against your skin. It also evenly distributes the weight of your weapon, whether you’re carrying a sub-compact pistol, or a large frame semi-auto like a 1911 or Glock 17. 

 8   Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster

 Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster, Mi Belly Band Holster for Handgun

The Fullmosa Concealed Carry Holster is perfect for people who like to carry an extra backup pistol. The design incorporates three pistol holsters (left, right, and back draw), four magazine pockets (two on each side), and an extra pocket for cash, keys, or a flashlight. 

Extremely versatile, this holster allows you to carry your weapon in a variety of positions and fits most small and medium handguns with 2- to 4.5-inch barrels. 

Fullmosa uses an elastic mesh fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and has special anti-sweat technology built right in. This comfy belly band is a little bulky for concealed carry use. However, it works well for professional and tactical applications where concealment isn’t a high priority. As a bonus, it keeps all your most important gear right at your fingertips. 

 9   Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Classic Women’s Holster

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger Classic Woman’s Holster

Definitely the best women’s belly band holster on our list, the Can Can Hip Hugger Classic has a tapered top to fit a woman’s curves. It also works well with pretty much everything you might have in your closet. 

The holster itself makes a serious fashion statement. Available in classic black with colorful feminine accents, this hip hugger is reminiscent of some high-end women’s undergarments. It also sits low on the hips for an attractive look and features three rows of metal hook and eye fasteners. 

In addition to being feminine and fashionable, this holster has a ton of practical features. We love the convenient holster tabs that allow you to feel where to holster your gun without fumbling around. 

 10   Aikate Concealed Carry Band

Aikate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

This is another awesome option for runners who want to carry a handgun on their evening jog. The Aikate Concealed Carry Band features a breathable CoolVent perforated neoprene base that lays softly against the body and is incredibly comfortable even during the heat of summer.

For runners, this belly band offers deep concealment while keeping your weapon secure against your body. It also features an innovative Easy Snap retention system which is more reliable than velcro or clips. The Easy Snap system keeps your firearm safe, secure, and ready for quiet release at a moment’s notice.

This high-quality belly band holster also comes with a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee. This means you can try it out, and if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it to the manufacturer for a full refund.

Final Thoughts

A belly band holster is a highly adjustable, convenient, and comfortable option for carrying a concealed weapon. You can wear a belly band holster under most clothing without anyone knowing. They are so comfortable, you may even forget you’re wearing one. 

If you’ve ever thought about leaving your weapon at home, because you don’t like bulky, uncomfortable holsters, a belly band is the perfect solution. Because they are comfortable, you’re more likely to wear them, and that is a good thing. In a self-defense situation, a weapon carried on your person is better than one left at home. Ultimately, the best belly band holster is one you’ll wear, and you’ll love to wear any of the options on our list. 

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