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best car holster

Even the most comfortable holster to wear while standing or walking can quickly turn uncomfortable when you sit in a vehicle. They can push, poke, and prod in all the wrong places and can quickly turn a drive into an unpleasant experience. Weapon accessibility also suffers, especially with rear belt or hip holster, and the last thing you want is to not be able to draw your firearm if needed. That is where a car holster comes in. Continue reading to learn about the ten best car holsters and choose the best one for your specific needs.

There are a lot of different vehicle types out there with very different interior layouts. Luckily, there is also a huge variety of car holsters on the market to accommodate an array of specific needs. Comfort, accessibility, security, and attachment are all important factors to consider when choosing a car holster.

Before we get more into all of the great car holsters out there, it is important to mention safety and lawful carry. It is your responsibility as a gun owner to ensure that you are following all the laws, rules, and regulations for the area you will be driving in. Laws and regulations can change and you should always make sure you are up to date on the correct information for your area. You will want to research the laws around transporting a firearm in different areas, the legality of concealed carry and open carry in vehicles, and any other laws that may pertain to the area you will be driving in.

How to Choose Car Holsters?


Comfort is one of the biggest benefits to using a car holster when driving. Instead of having your gun jabbing into your side or pressing against your back while driving, it can be resting securely within comfortable reach. A car holster also brings comfort on the mental side of things. You will have the peace of mind that your gun is within easy reach in case you need it while driving.


Drawing your sidearm from a traditional carry holster while sitting in your driver’s seat is no easy feat. While it is possible, any semblance of smoothness or fluidity is usually out the window. Those things can be the difference in a dire situation. A car holster makes it much easier to draw from your normal seated position while driving and that is vitally important if a situation arises that calls for it.


You might be thinking that your hip holster or rear belt holster is a safer place to keep your sidearm while driving. However, modern car holsters are extremely secure and will keep a strong grasp on your firearm even over the worst potholes and roughest roads.


Car holsters come in a variety of attachment styles both for how the holster is attached to the car and how the holster holds your sidearm. The two main gun attachment styles you will come across are magnetic and holster styles. There is also a wide variety of options for mounting a car holster to your vehicle. This allows you to choose a car holster that will work for your specific needs.

Best Car Holster on the Market Reviews

Now let’s get to what you’ve all been waiting for and check out the top ten best rated car holsters!

 1   Jotto Gear Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster

Jotto Gear Quick Access, Rugged Steel, Officially Licensed NRA Locking Handgun Holster for Car, Office, Many Locations

The Quick Access Locking Handgun Holster is an excellent choice for any gun owner who drives with their firearm. This car holster features a rugged steel design and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally using the included mounting brackets. Yes, you will have to drill into your vehicle to mount this holster, but that is a small price to pay for the security it offers.

This car holster can also be locked to secure your sidearm when you have to leave it inside your vehicle. You would usually need a car vault to accomplish this level of security, but Jotto Gear has integrated it into the design of their car holster. The silicone lining protects your firearm from scratches or other types of damage. This holster is officially licensed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) and is made in the USA.

Compatible with a wide range of gun types, including the 1911, Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 43, this car holster can also accommodate pistols with laser grips and mounted flashlights.

 2   Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder

Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder

The Stinger Magnetic Gun Holder is an excellent option for anyone who does not want to drill holes in their vehicle in order to mount a car holster. This option features a 6” x 6” sticker pad that can be affixed to any flat, clean surface. A magnetic gun holder with a trigger guard is then mounted to the pad via a sticker of its own and a pair of included zip ties.

Once the mounting is complete, your firearm will have a secure holster in your vehicle that will be incredibly easy to access. The magnet keeps it secure and the trigger guard adds an extra layer of safety against accidental discharge. The gun holder is lined with rubber to protect against scratches and is compatible with nearly every gun manufacturer.

 3   Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster

Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster for Vehicle and Home

If you are a fan of simplicity, the Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster is a great option for you. This car holster consists of a one piece metal back equipped with four mounting holes and a powerful neodymium magnet that can hold up to 35 pounds. It also includes an anti-scratch rubber cover and four mounting screws.

Measuring only 3.75”L x 1.40”W x 0.30”H, the compact design allows this car holster to be mounted nearly anywhere in your vehicle. The Keeper Magnetic Gun Mount & Holster is universally compatible and can be mounted at any angle. Access is extremely fast so you will always be ready for any situation with this holster.

 4   Highway Holster Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount

The Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount from Highway Holster features one of the most innovative and secure mounting styles of any car holster. It is designed to be mounted within the seat gap between the driver’s seat and center console. The Highway Holster Multi-Mount straps onto the seat belt buckle of your vehicle and is compatible with any holster that has a standard metal belt clip.

This car holster keeps your sidearm right by your side and would allow you to draw it at a moment’s notice if needed. It can also be easily moved between vehicles and only requires a single Philips screwdriver to install. Take advantage of space in your vehicle that is typically wasted and keep your firearm right by your side at all times.

 5   Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount

Gum Creek Vehicle Handgun Mount (Mount Only)

This car holster from Gum Creek allows you to use any holster that has belt loops or clips. The Vehicle Handgun Mount attaches securely to the steering column of any vehicle and holds your gun in an easily accessible position.

The universal mounting system on this car holster attaches to the gap below the steering column and secures to the bottom of the dash panel. It is made in the USA and can be removed within seconds if you need to remove it or switch it to a different vehicle.

 6   COJO MFG. Gun Holster

COJO MFG. Gun Holster for Car

With a universal fit and powerful magnetic hold, the Cojo Manufacturing gun holster is an ideal choice for mounting in a wide variety of locations inside your vehicle. It can be mounted under the dash, on the door panel, in the trunk, or any other flat surface using the included self-tapping screws.

It has a non-marring finish and rare earth magnets that are powerful enough to securely hold almost any pistol while allowing it to remain easily accessible. With the ability to accommodate both left and right handed mounting positions and the ability to hold extra magazines, this offering from Cojo Manufacturing is a great car holster option.

 7   Hochoek Adjustable Universal Versatile Gun Holster

Hochoek Adjustable Universal Versatile Gun Holster

If you don’t want to drill holes in your vehicle, the Adjustable Universal Gun Holster might be the best option for you. Utilizing a trio of anti-slip friction strips and double sided tape, this car holster attaches securely to your seat and keeps your sidearm easily accessible between your legs.

The strong velcro can be adjusted to accommodate any size firearm and the extra pockets can hold a flashlight, extra magazine, or any other accessory you might need. This car holster is constructed from 600D nylon for strength and durability.

 8   Grand Gun Works Ride Ready Car Holster

Grand Gun Works Ride Ready Car Holster

The Ride Ready car holster from Grand Gun Works can be mounted under the steering wheel in vehicles that do not have a steering column airbag. This ambidextrous car holster comes with a genuine leather holster that can fit a wide range of gun models.

With a quick and easy install and the high quality that comes with being made in the USA, the Grand Gun Works Ride Ready Holster is a great option for older model vehicles.

 9   Super Gun Magnet Magnetic Handgun Mount/Holster

Magnetic Handgun Mount/Holster - Concealed Tactical Firearm & Gun Magnetic Holder for Truck, Wall, Vehicle, Cashier, Table

If you own and carry a flat top handgun, then the magnetic handgun mount and holster from Super Gun Magnet might be the ideal car holster option for you. This car holster can be mounted on any flat surface in your vehicle. The powerful magnet provides a strong hold and the barrel shroud adds another layer of security while your gun is holstered.

 10   Explorer CH88 Car / Vehicle Holster

Explorer CH88 Car / Vehicle Holster Car Holster for Handgun, Vehicle Holster for Concealed Carry CCW

The Explorer CH88 Car and Vehicle Holster is a complete storage system for your sidearm, gear, and accessories. If you want to make sure you are ready for anything while on the road and have all your gear secure and accessible, then this is an excellent option for you.

With a variety of customizable pouches and heavy-duty 600D polyester construction, the CH88 is a great option for anyone who wants to stay organized and keep their firearm within easy reach while driving.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your pistol secure and accessible while driving is an important consideration for anyone who needs to carry a firearm. Always make sure to research the laws and regulations for the area you will be driving in before making a car holster purchase. Once you have done that, use this list of the top ten best car holsters to make a choice that fits your specific needs.

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