Best Shooting Gloves – Top 10 Best Rated Shooting Gloves Review

best shooting gloves

A good pair of gloves will help protect your hands and increase your shooting accuracy. However, regular gloves aren’t tough enough to handle what most shooters dish out. The best shooting gloves are designed with shooters in mind. They are built to be tough, comfortable, and help you keep a firm grip on your weapon. 

There are a ton of different tactical and shooting gloves on the market today. You can find designs to enhance your hunting experience, protect your hands during tactical maneuvers, or give you a competitive edge in high-stakes target shooting. 

With so many options to choose from, finding the right shooting gloves can feel like an impossible task. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy buyer’s guide to help you through the process. We also review some of our favorite shooting gloves to help you find the perfect fit, feel, and function.

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for Shooting Gloves :

  1. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves
  2. Magpul Technical Lightweight Work Gloves
  3. Mechanix Specialty Vent Coyote Gloves
  4. Hatch NS430 Specialist Police Duty Glove
  5. TitanOPS Full Finger Hard Knuckle Gloves
  6. FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves
  7. 5.11 Tactical TAC A2 Gloves
  8. StrongSuit Q-Series Shooting Glove
  9. YOSUNPING Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves
  10. Mechanix Women’s Original Pink Camo Work Gloves

Why You Should Use Shooting Gloves?

You may think the guys at the gun range are wearing gloves simply because they are cool tactical accessories. While we admit some models do have a serious cool factor, a good pair of shooting gloves will actually enhance your shooting skills while making the experience much more enjoyable. 

Shooting gloves provide protection from hot barrels, rough rails, and sharp magazine lips. They also provide a layer of protection from toxic lead residue and other heavy metals.

Wearing gloves during long shooting sessions can prevent calluses or blisters. They can also reduce felt recoil, which in turn can reduce shooting fatigue. 

Shooting gloves also provide some protection from the weather. In winter, an insulated pair of gloves can help keep your fingers warm. Cold weather hunters will especially appreciate a good pair of gloves as they spend hours holding a cold metal firearm. 

In hot weather, shooting gloves can be a godsend for shooters with sweaty hands. Not only will they help you keep a firm grip on your weapon, gloves will also protect your gun’s finish from corrosive sweat. 

Things to Consider

Ultimately, which shooting gloves will work best depends on how you plan to use them. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on the perfect pair.


The materials used to construct your gloves can affect both their comfort and their durability. Many versions are made from durable synthetic materials. Others incorporate natural leather. No matter what material is used, look for shooting gloves with textured palms and fingertips to help you keep a firm grip on your weapon. 

Ventilation and Breathability

Shooting gloves are made to endure rugged use. However, some designs sacrifice breathability for durability. This can make shooting in hot conditions incredibly uncomfortable. If you plan to shoot in the heat of summer, or you just suffer from sweaty hands, look for gloves that feature breathable materials or ventilation to help keep you comfortably cool.

However, if you plan to shoot in cold weather, you will want shooting gloves designed to hold in natural body heat. In this case, look for insulated gloves to help keep your hands toasty and warm. 


Since shooting gloves need to be somewhat form-fitting to preserve dexterity, they don’t typically come in one-size-fits-all versions. Different shooters have different sized hands. You will want to make sure you choose the right size for a proper fit. Manufacturers usually have their own sizing system, so check the specifics for the brand you are considering. Then, carefully measure your hands to ensure you get the perfect fit. 

Best Shooting Gloves on the Market Review

 1   PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

These premium tactical gloves from PIG provide some of the best dexterity of any of the gloves on our list. They have a minimalist construction that will almost make you forget you’re wearing gloves at all. The dexterity on these gloves is so impressive, you can actually tie your shoes with your gloves on. And you need that level of dexterity when shooting a pistol or AR-15 in combat or competition.

PIG FDT gloves are made with a single-layer palm and feature silicon grip on the fingers. This provides excellent tactile sensitivity while also allowing you to keep a firm grip on your weapon.

Additionally, the thumb and forefinger of both gloves are touchscreen compatible, so you can use your phone to take pictures, send messages, or record shooting data without having to remove your gloves. 

 2   Magpul Technical Lightweight Work Gloves

Magpul Technical Glove Lightweight Work Gloves

Magpul is one of the most recognizable names in tactical shooting. They offer a wide range of high-quality firearms accessories, and their shooting gloves are some of the best on the market. 

These lightweight work gloves are the most tactile shooting gloves Magpul has to offer. With a durable construction from tough synthetic materials, these are some seriously tough gloves. They also feature suede-backed thumbs and a high-abrasion suede palm designed for both durability and a solid grip. The design helps protect your hands yet has minimal impact on your fine motor skills. 

Magpul Technical Work Gloves also feature a narrow-fitted forefinger for better trigger control and three-finger touchscreen capabilities.  

 3   Mechanix Specialty Vent Coyote Gloves

Mechanix Specialty Vent Coyote Gloves, Medium

Perfect for shooting in hot weather, these Specialty Vent gloves from Mechanix are made with a breathable mesh fabric. This fully ventilated design is surprisingly effective for keeping your hands cool even in the heat.

In addition to keeping your hands cool, Mechanix Specialty Vent Gloves are some of the most comfortable on our list. These gloves are made with anatomical stitching darts that help the gloves conform to the contours of your hand. These gloves also feature expandable flex joints that allow your fingers to move naturally. 

A special low-profile thermoplastic rubber closure keeps the gloves securely on your wrists. Made from lightweight, machine-washable material, these gloves aren’t built for heavy-duty use. They do, however, work amazingly well for late-summer shooting trips or early fall archery season. 

 4   Hatch NS430 Specialist Police Duty Glove

Hatch NS430 Specialist Police Duty Glove - Black, Medium

Designed specifically for law enforcement, Hatch Specialists are some of the most popular duty gloves on the market. These neoprene gloves are designed for maximum comfort and flexibility. They are also easy to wipe down and disinfect.

The palms of these high-quality shooting gloves are made from Synsi-feel synthetic leather. The fingertips feature special Extreme-Grip patches. Both of these features provide excellent grip without sacrificing dexterity or tactile feeling. 

Although these gloves feel almost like a second skin, they can make your hands sweaty in hot weather. However, they work wonderfully for those cold weather trips to the shooting range. 

 5   TitanOPS Full Finger Hard Knuckle Gloves

TitanOPS Full Finger Hard Knuckle Motorcycle Military Tactical Combat Training Army Shooting Outdoor Gloves

Built for combat, these gloves from TitanOPS are great for hunting, tactical training, or airsoft play. Made from a combination of nylon, leather, and microfiber, these tough, all weather gloves are designed to handle harsh conditions and rough use.

These gloves feature a hard knuckle shield and full finger coverage to protect your whole hand from cuts and other injuries. Although they are super tough, TitanOPS gloves are also super comfortable. They maintain a comfortable temperature to keep you warm in cold weather, but also prevent sweating in the heat.

TitanOPS gloves are designed to be odor-free, so they require very little maintenance. However, they are also machine-washable and air dry fast, allowing you to quickly get back in the game.

With a snug fit, they allow for maximum dexterity and full flexibility. TitanOPS also makes a half finger version of these hard knuckle gloves, if that’s more your style.

 6   FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves

FREETOO Work Gloves Men Protection Gloves for Hiking Cycling Climbing Outdoor Camping Sports

If you need tough gloves for a tough environment, look no further than these FREETOO tactical gloves. These heavy-duty gloves are made with a breathable nylon mesh and feature a dual-layer reinforced palm made from synthetic leather. The palms are covered with anti-skid gridding for extra protection, and the fingertips are made from soft microfiber for increased dexterity. These gloves also feature reinforced stitching and durable molded rubber knuckles. 

These military style shooting gloves fit snugly and aren’t at all bulky or stiff, even though they are made with multiple layers of protection. You can wear FREETOO’s tactical gloves all day at the shooting range without discomfort. They are completely breathable, fully flexible, and provide complete range of motion.  

 7   5.11 Tactical TAC A2 Gloves

5.11 Tactical Men's TAC A2 Glove

5.11 is a popular brand for law enforcement and tactical operators around the globe. The TAC A2 gloves are 5.11’s most popular glove. Designed for extreme comfort and dexterity, the TAC A2 gloves feature a synthetic suede palm and a breathable stretch nylon back panel to keep your hands cool and dry. 

Reinforced in all the right places, these TAC gloves are made to last. There is a tough “saddle” between the thumb and index finger for extra durability where most gloves wear out. 

They have a tough, yet stretchy neoprene hook and loop closure to keep your gloves secure during use. Shooters will also appreciate 5.11’s patented Tactical Touch precision fingertips which make manipulating your trigger, slide lock, and magazine release easier than if you were using your bare hands. 

 8   StrongSuit Q-Series Shooting Glove

StrongSuit 41200-XXS Q-Series Shooting Glove

These surprisingly affordable tactical gloves from StrongSuit are made to keep you warm while protecting your skin from hot barrels. Made from synthetic materials (50% Polyurethane, 45% Polyester, and 5% Neoprene), these gloves are well-padded, super comfortable, and touchscreen compatible. 

The palm and fingers of the Q-Series shooting gloves are covered in a textured rubber coating designed to help you keep a firm grip on your firearm, even in wet conditions. They also offer plenty of dexterity, allowing you to perform even complex tasks. You’ll have no trouble loading magazines or manipulating your firearm. 

Shooters will also appreciate the carabiner clip attachment, which allows you to easily clip your gloves to your range bag or other shooting gear for easy access to your gloves whenever you need them. 

 9   YOSUNPING Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves

YOSUNPING Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves (with Touch Screen)

Made with synthetic suede, soft microfiber, and nylon spandex, these tactical gloves are perfect for the shooting range. They fit comfortably and provide plenty of protection for your hands without sacrificing any manual dexterity. 

YOSUNPING’s lightweight gloves feature a minimalist design for full flexibility and maximum trigger control. The trigger finger material is also touch screen conductive, which is a handy feature for the modern shooter. 

We also love the plush microfiber back, which is perfect for wiping sweat from your shooting glasses without smearing the surface. These gloves also come in black, green, or brown, so you can match them to your other tactical or hunting gear.  

 10   Mechanix Women’s Original Pink Camo Work Gloves

 Mechanix Wear - Women's Original Pink Camo Work Gloves

We realize that women shoot, too. Although they are one of the fastest growing demographics in the shooting world, the needs of women shooters are often overlooked. That’s why we’ve listed these awesome Mechanix shooting gloves for women.

Not only do these gloves feature a feminine pink camo pattern, they are also specially tailored to fit the slender profile of a woman’s hands. Other awesome features include a seamless palm which provides maximum dexterity, industrial grade hook and loop closures, and the Mechanix patented TrekDry back to keep your hands cool and comfortable even in the hottest shooting conditions. 

Final Thoughts

The right pair of gloves can be a real game changer when it comes to your shooting experience. Ultimately, the best shooting gloves will be the ones that are comfortable, fit well, and provide plenty of protection without sacrificing valuable dexterity. What works for one shooter, may not work well for another. If at all possible, give a few different brands a test drive to find out which ones work best for you. 

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