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best shooting mats

A day of target shooting at the range can involve a lot of different shooting positions and techniques. If one of your preferred techniques to practice is the prone position, then a high-quality shooting mat will serve you well. Putting a barrier between yourself and the ground while shooting provides several benefits including increased comfort and reduced fatigue. Continue reading to learn more about the best shooting mats currently on the market.

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for Shooting Mats :

  1. NcSTAR VISM Roll Up Shooting Mat
  2. Redneck Convent Shooters Mat
  3. Savior Equipment Tactical Deluxe Padded Quick Release All-Purpose Shooting Mat
  4. OneTigris Wild Voyager Non-Padded Shooting Mat
  5. OneTigris Wild Voyager Padded Shooting Mat
  6. Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat
  7. Depring Non-Padded Shooting Mat
  8. Allen Company Ruger Tactical Rifle Case/Shooting Mat
  9. US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting Mat
  10. Condor Tactical Sniper Shooters Mat

Shooting Mat Benefits

There are a lot of benefits that come along with integrating a shooting mat into your gun range repertoire. Let’s face it…the ground isn’t exactly a pleasant place to spend prolonged lengths of time on. Your clothes and firearm can get wet or dirty, it’s uncomfortable, and there always seems to be a pebble right underneath you.

Luckily, a shooting mat solves those problems.

Some shooting mats even include other features that can really improve your target shooting or hunting experience. These other features can include pockets for storing extra gear and non-slip designs. There are even some shooting mats that double as rifle cases!

The bottom line is that a quality shooting mat will greatly improve your prone shooting experiences in multiple ways.

Padded or Non-padded?

Shooting mats are available in both padded and non-padded versions. Your choice will depend on several things including the terrain you will be shooting prone from most often, your budget, and your personal comfort preferences.

Padded shooting mats are more comfortable for long shooting sessions or hunts. If you are planning to lie in weight for that trophy elk to finally come into range, then a padded shooting mat will serve you much better than a non-padded version. Padded mats also provide more protection for your firearm.

One drawback of a padded shooting mat is the bulk. The padding makes them thicker, heavier, and a little bit more challenging to store. A non-padded version may suit you better if you tend to only shoot from a prone position occasionally or if you want something more compact to just keep in your range bag or vehicle for times when it is needed.

Best Shooting Mats on the Market Reviews

Take a few minutes to think about the shooting mat features that would work the best for your needs. Keep those features in mind as you read about the ten best rated shooting mats currently available. There are a lot of options, but that just means you can choose a shooting mat that really fits your needs well.

 1   NcSTAR VISM Roll Up Shooting Mat

NcSTAR VISM Roll Up Shooting Mat

The VISM roll up shooting mat from NcStar is a very popular option for many shooters. It is equipped with an array of useful features. This shooting mat has a very clever design that helps it to be incredibly innovative and versatile.

The VISM measures 69 inches in length and is 35 inches wide. While some taller shooters might find that a little short, the length should be adequate for most people to use. It is also wide enough to set up in an ideal prone position, but may be too narrow to hold other shooting accessories such as binoculars or data books.

Some other very handy features of this shooting mat include a shoulder strap that doubles as a bipod security strap, slip resistant panels for elbows and knees, and 0.30” of padding for extra comfort. This shooting mat can even be used as a ground pad for underneath sleeping bags. The NcStar VISM is the best shooting mats for the money and well-performing option for many shooters.

 2   Redneck Convent Shooters Mat

Redneck Convent Shooters Mat Padded Roll Up Mat, 1/2in Pad

The Redneck Convent shooters mat is a well-designed and affordable shooting mat option. It is a must-have item for long range shooting and is also a stand-out hunting mat. The durable PVC material keeps you protected from dirt, water, mud, and other debris while the 0.5 inches of padding ensures you are comfortable at all times.

This t-shaped shooting mat has a pair of wings that extend the elbow width out to 47 inches. This gives you plenty of room to get in your most comfortable shooting position without winding up with a muddy or wet elbow. Shooters will also appreciate the removable bullet loops and gear pouches that are ideally located for easy access while shooting. There is even a built-in pouch for your shooting data book.

 3   Savior Equipment Tactical Deluxe Padded Quick Release All-Purpose Shooting Mat

Savior Equipment Tactical Deluxe Padded Quick Release All-Purpose Shooting Mat - Anti-Slippery

This shooting mat from Savior Equipment was designed and built with the tactical shooter and sniper in mind. It delivers on that design with an array of impressive and versatile features for even the most discerning shooter.

One of the widest shooting mats on the market, the Savior Equipment Tactical Deluxe measures 64 inches long and 41 inches wide. It has a 21 inch wide padded center and the padding is 0.30” thick for comfort even during long sessions of target shooting or sighting in.

One of the features that makes this shooting mat function so well for tactical or sniper purposes is the 18.5 inch MOLLE Grid. This feature offers shooters the ability to attach any of their MOLLE-compatible accessories for a truly personal and optimized shooting experience. A metal grommet on each corner of the shooting mat allows you to stake it down on windy days.

 4   OneTigris Wild Voyager Non-Padded Shooting Mat

OneTigris Non-Padded Shooting Mat SD03

The Wild Voyager non-padded shooting mat from OneTigris offers shooters ample space to spread out and keep all their gear from directly sitting on the ground. The nylon construction, double-stitched edge, and reinforced stitching mean that this shooting mat will serve you well for years.

While it doesn’t offer any padding, the Wild Voyager shooting mat does feature a waterproof coating and six metal-reinforced grommets for staking it down on windy days. It rolls up into a very compact package for easy transportation and storage.

 5   OneTigris Wild Voyager Padded Shooting Mat

OneTigris Padded Shooting Mat SD04

OneTigris also makes a padded version of the Wild Voyager for shooters who want extra comfort while prone. While it is smaller than its non-padded counterpart, this version of the Wild Voyager incorporates slip resistant pads for both knees and elbows. Compression straps help to wrap this shooting mat up tight when you are finished with your task.

Two rows of 1” military spec webbing make this shooting mat compatible with MOLLE accessories and the waterproof nylon construction keeps you separated from any moisture on the ground. This shooting mat can give you the edge during shooting competition and keep you comfortable on the range and in the field.

 6   Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat

Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat, Tan, Left/Right

Tall shooters, and no nonsense shooters, look no further! The Bob Allen Tactical shooting mat is the solution to your shooting mat problems. With a simple design and high-quality materials, this shooting mat will perform well whether you are a long range target shooter, shooting in a competition, or hunting.

The 0.5” thick closed cell foam padding will keep you comfortable on the roughest terrain and the non-slip rubberized coating will keep you right on target.

 7   Depring Non-Padded Shooting Mat

Depring Non-Padded Shooting Mat Molle Roll-up Shooter Range Pad with Gun Rest Sand Bag

The Depring non-padded shooting mat is one of the best options among non-padded shooting mats. If you are in the market for a non-padded shooting mat, you really can’t go wrong with this option. The Depring non-padded shooting mat is lightweight, compact, and MOLLE compatible.

The dimensions are large enough to protect almost any sized shooter and features a waterproof coating for long-lasting use. This shooting mat also includes four plastic stakes for keeping it secure on windy days and an unfilled gun rest sandbag. Everything you need for a day of shooting.

 8   Allen Company Ruger Tactical Rifle Case/Shooting Mat

Allen Company Ruger Tactical Rifle Case/Shooting Mat, Black, 50"
  • Internal rifle security straps, lockable zippers, and internal barrel pocket
  • Removable weatherproof organizers for ammo and other small gear
  • Multiple carry options including backpack straps and carry handles
  • Exterior MOLLE straps
  • Padded mat and non-slip grit panels for shooting comfort

The Ruger tactical rifle case/shooting mat is an excellent product made by a respected firearm brand.

If you are in the market for a rifle case as well as a shooting mat, you won’t want to miss the Ruger tactical rifle case/shooting mat. Designed by shooters for shooters, this combination rifle case and shooting mat makes the ideal drag bag for competition shooters and tactical shooters alike.

 9   US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting Mat

US PeaceKeeper P20300 Tactical Shooting Mat

The US PeaceKeeper tactical shooting mat is the ultimate in shooting mat luxury and comfort. The very generous dimensions offer shooters enough space to spread out and obtain their preferred shooting position.

Instead of rolling up like a sleeping bag, this shooting mat is of the folded variety. A folded shooting mat won’t try to curl up on the edges like some roll up mats will. The folded design also allows for some of the thickest padding you’ll find in a shooting mat. The padding measures in at 0.75” thick. That is thick enough to provide comfort on even the toughest terrain but still falls within shooting competition parameters.

The non-slip surface, built-in ammo pouch, and zippered data book compartment only add to the functionality and versatility of this impressive padded shooting mat.

 10   Condor Tactical Sniper Shooters Mat

Condor Tactical Sniper Shooters Mat - Coyote - 131-498 - New

The Condor Tactical Sniper Shooters mat is another shooting mat that also functions as a padded rifle case. The internal security strap and barrel pocket keep scoped rifles up to 50 inches in length locked in place during transport.

The dual backpack style straps make long distance carrying easy and the integrated handles allow this mat to also function as a drag bag. The webbing on the front of this rifle case/shooting mat combo allows you to add storage accessories while the included internal pockets keep ammo, ballistics cards, and notebooks secured and dry.

Available in three colors, this shooting mat is a great option for shooters who prefer a backpack style rifle case/shooting mat hybrid.

Final Thoughts

All it takes is a single prone shooting session without a shooting mat to realize that they are a vital piece of shooting equipment. A quality shooting mat makes shooting from the prone position a comfortable experience instead of dirty, painful, or wet one. Evaluate your own shooting needs and use this list to choose yourself the best shooting mats for you.

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