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best shooting sticks

No matter how experienced you are as a shooter, a solid rest will improve your accuracy. The best shooting sticks are invaluable for long-range shooting, whether it takes place at the local gun range or deep in the western backcountry.

If you are unfamiliar with shooting sticks, we know you’ll love them once you give them a try. However, not all shooting sticks are created equal, and some are better suited to certain shooting situations than others.

In this article, we outline some tips for finding the right sticks for your situation and shooting style. We also review what we consider some of the top models on the market today.

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for Shooting Sticks :

  1. Vanguard Quest T62U – Best All Around
  2. Primos 65807 Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Tripod Trigger Stick – Best for Hunting
  3. Hunter’s Specialties Shooters Stick – Best Budget Option
  4. Vanguard Scout B62 – Best Bipod
  5. BOG-POD RLD-3 Shooting Stick Tripod – Best for the Gun Range
  6. Primos Trigger Stick Gen3 Monopod – Best Monopod
  7. Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod
  8. Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod
  9. Caldwell 445088 XLA Camo Bipod
  10. Allen Company Backcountry Adjustable Shooting Stick

The Benefits of Shooting Sticks

Shooting sticks are portable weapon mounts that provide a stable and solid shooting platform. They are designed to help reduce shooter movement from upper body weakness, physical exhaustion, or a surge of adrenaline. By helping to remove human error when aiming, shooting sticks can exponentially improve accuracy.

Types of Shooting Sticks Explained

There are three main types of shooting sticks – monopods, bipods, and tripods. Here is a brief explanation of each type and what they do best.


A monopod is a shooting stick with one single leg. It is basically a pole you can shorten or lengthen to suit your shooting position.

Monopods are best for shooters who need to stay mobile but still need some shooting stability. With few legs to adjust, you can easily pick up your shooting stick and move locations. This makes a monopod perfect for chasing Spring turkeys or Rocky Mountain elk during the rut. A good monopod can also pull double duty as a hiking pole when traversing steep or rough terrain.

All that mobility comes at a price, however. With only a single leg, monopods can wobble significantly from side to side. Although they provide more stability than shooting freehand, they are not as solid as other types of shooting sticks.


Bipods provide a two-legged shooting platform. The addition of that extra leg takes some of the side-to-side wobble out of the equation, providing more stability than the single-leg monopod.

That extra leg does add some weight and can make the set-up slightly more complicated. This makes bipods less flexible and slightly less portable than their monopod cousins.

Some bipods attach directly to your weapon. Others feature a yoke for resting a shotgun, muzzleloader, or rifle.

Bipods are commonly used for shooting from the prone position. They are a favorite accessory of long-range target shooters as well as coyote, hog, and varmint hunters.


As the name implies, a tripod is a shooting platform with three legs. This type of shooting stick provides the most stability, limiting movement from front to back as well as from side to side.

The extra leg does complicate the design. Setting up a tripod is slightly more complex, and getting all three legs situated evenly can take some effort.

A tripod also limits shooter mobility. The third leg adds some extra weight, and with multiple legs, the shooting stick is more likely to catch on brush or low-lying limbs. Therefore, tripods are best suited for hunting open terrain. They are also better for situations where you’ll have time to set up more carefully before you take a shot. If you plan to hunt antelope across open prairie, a tripod is an excellent choice.

Best Shooting Sticks on the Market Reviews

 1   Vanguard Quest T62U – Best All Around

Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Stick.

The Vanguard Quest T62U is one of the most versatile models on the market. It easily converts from a tripod to a bipod, and the removable third leg can even be used as a monopod.

A great option for spotting and stalking, the Vanguard weighs just over two pounds and collapses down to a compact and easily portable 2.5 feet.

It is made of durable, heavy gauge aluminum alloy that is rugged enough to stand up to rough use while remaining lightweight for easy hiking. The Vanguard also features anti-slip rubber feet to keep your stick in place, even in slippery conditions.

The removable U-shaped yoke swivels a full 360 degrees, so you never need to struggle to achieve the perfect shot angle. When you aren’t shooting, you can remove the yoke and use the thread bolt to mount a camera or spotting scope.

 2   Primos 65807 Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Tripod Trigger Stick – Best for Hunting

Primos 65807 Gen 2 Jim Shockey Edition Deluxe Tri Pod Trigger Stick, 24-62-Inch

This collapsible shooting stick from Primos is tough as nails. Made from strong, lightweight 7075 aluminum, it is perfect for long range hunting, especially on uneven terrain.

The legs deploy easily with a quick-release trigger. You can easily adjust each leg to the desired height, then flip a switch to lock them in place for a solid and stable shooting platform.

The Primos Tripod Trigger Stick adjusts from 24 to 62 inches to accommodate any position and fits shooters of any size. It also deploys and adjusts with almost no noise whatsoever, making this stick perfect for hunting deer or turkey.

For sturdy mounting, the Primos Tripod also has a removable V yoke. You can also mount a spotting scope, camera, or binoculars that have threaded fixtures.

 3   Hunter’s Specialties Shooters Stick – Best Budget Option

Hunter's Specialties Shooter's Stick

This highly affordable monopod from Hunter’s Specialties quickly and easily adjusts from 17 to 36 inches. It works perfectly for shooting from a seated or kneeling position. If you’re shooting from a ground blind, this shooting stick is the perfect accessory for steadying your shotgun during turkey season.

Made from heavy gauge, lightweight aluminum, these sticks are surprisingly rugged. The model features a rubberized, contoured gun rest and a bungee cord for securing the barrel of your firearm. The Shooter’s Stick is also designed with a pointed end to help it stay in place once you’re set up. It also has a convenient wrist strap to help secure your aiming position.

The Hunter’s Specialties Shooters Stick is the perfect size for your backpack, and its light weight is perfect for elk hunters crossing long distances over rough terrain. One of our all-time favorite models, the Shooters Stick offers a great value for the money and feels right at home on the shooting range or in the woods.

 4   Vanguard Scout B62 – Best Bipod

Vanguard Scout B62 Bi Pod With V Shaped Rotating Yoke, Quick Flip Leg Locks, Foam Hand Grips

Made from a lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, the Vanguard Scout is built to take on even the roughest shooting conditions. It also features all-weather foam grips that help you keep a solid hold on your sticks even in the wettest weather.

The adjustable legs are easy to use and extend from 22 to 62 inches, so you can shoot comfortably from a sitting or standing position. Once you have the height adjusted, the flip locks hold them securely in place.

The Scout B62 also features a V yoke that provides a secure grip on your rifle, shotgun, or crossbow. It also swivels a full 360 degrees, so you never miss a shot opportunity.

 5   BOG-POD RLD-3 Shooting Stick Tripod – Best for the Gun Range

BOG-POD RLD-3 Shooting Stick Tripod

This durable tripod from BOG has the widest adjustment range of any product on our list. It quickly and easily adjusts from 18 inches to an incredible 68 inches. It has convenient 1-inch markings on the telescoping leg sections that take all the guesswork out of height adjustments. These markings allow you to reach the perfect shooting height every single time.

The BOG-POD is extremely lightweight and made from rugged high-strength aluminum. The legs feature a flat black matte finish that works to prevent glare and resist the elements.

This tripod also has rubber feet that work well on slippery surfaces. You can remove the rubber feet to expose carbide-tipped points that hold well in dirt or on rock. You also get a convenient weather-resistant travel bag with a shoulder strap for easy transport to and from the shooting range.

 6   Primos Trigger Stick Gen3 Monopod – Best Monopod

Primos Trigger Stick Gen3 Monopod Camo

Adjustments don’t get any easier than this. You can adjust this Primos monopod with a single hand with the simple pull of a trigger. It sets up almost instantly on any surface and accommodates nearly any shooting position.

Primos also incorporated a quick-detach yoke system, which makes transitioning from shooting to panning support for your binos or spotting scope.

The Primos Trigger Stick monopod quickly adjusts from 35 to 65 inches. This model also features a contoured, ergonomic grip so it can double as a hiking stick. Perfect for backcountry hunters, the Primos Trigger Stick is wrapped in camo with dark earth accents to help keep you hidden from game.

 7   Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod

Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Shooting Rest for Outdoor Range and Hunting

The Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod allows you to achieve benchrest accuracy even when you’re in the field. This incredibly portable hunting rest provides a rock solid platform that fully supports your weapon, making it a perfect option for seniors, young shooters, and anyone who may have trouble holding up a firearm or crossbow.

The DeadShot FieldPod smoothly rotates 360 degrees. It also has a full-tilt function that allows you to get on target easily, even at odd angles. It also fully adjusts from 20 to 42 inches, making it perfect for shooting from a ground blind or a tree stand.

The rest portion of the DeadShot FieldPod features an over-molded rest that holds the stock and forend securely without marring the weapon. Both lightweight and durable, this gun rest folds up quickly for easy transport and even comes with a convenient carry strap.

 8   Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod

Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod w/Pivot V Yoke Max. Height 68"

The Hammers Telescopic Shooting Tripod features three telescoping legs made from a lightweight aluminum alloy. Easy to adjust, the legs lock into place with convenient twist locks. You can adjust the height of these shooting sticks from 25 to 69 inches, so they comfortably accommodate most shooting positions.

At the end of each leg is a wear-resistant carbide tip that helps keep your shooting platform steady on rocks or dirt. However, each tip is covered by a removable rubber cap that keeps the tripod planted on cement, wood, or slippery surfaces.

The Hammers Tripod also features a V yoke that pivots freely and allows the weapon to rotate in a complete circle.

You also get a convenient carry bag with a shoulder strap. The whole thing weighs just over two pounds and is highly portable, making a great option for hunting everything from predators to squirrels.

 9   Caldwell 445088 XLA Camo Bipod

Caldwell 445088 XLA Camo Bipod, 13.5-27-Inch Pivot

This bipod from Caldwell attaches directly to your firearm with a sling swivel stud. It has a lightweight aluminum design, and the legs instantly spring out into shooting position with the simple push of a button. The legs are also notched for easy indexing, so it is easy to set to the same height every time for the most consistent shooting.

The height of the Caldwell Camo Bipod adjusts from 13.5 to 27 inches, so this one works best from a sitting or kneeling position or from a benchrest. However, it weighs just 19 ounces, so it won’t weigh you down when you’re hiking long distances or over rough terrain.

 10   Allen Company Backcountry Adjustable Shooting Stick

Allen Company Backcountry Adjustable Monopod Shooting Stick, Black, 61"

Another great option for backcountry hunters, this shooting stick from Allen Company weighs in at just over a pound. However, don’t let its weight fool you. This one is made from a durable aluminum alloy and is as tough as they come.

The Allen Company monopod can be adjusted up to 61 inches. It has a steel spike tip to keep it stationary on hard surfaces and a removable rubber crutch foot for dirt.

The best feature of the Allen Company Backcountry monopod is the unique Rapid Response deployment system. This proprietary system allows the shooter to instantly adjust shooting height by simply pressing down on the stick. With no levers or buttons to manipulate, the shooter can concentrate on the target instead of fumbling to adjust the shooting platform.

Summing It Up

There are plenty of different shooting sticks on the market today. Some manufacturers even have several models to choose from, each designed for different shooting applications.

While even the best shooting sticks are no replacement for proper shooting form and good old-fashioned practice, they may just help you seal the deal on a trophy fit for the record books. 

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